• A listing of 219 public API workspaces.

About Public API Workspaces

I am needing as many ways as possible to help demonstrate the potential of APIs, but also public API workspaces as part of the storytelling I am doing. To help me better see the wealth of APIs available across the API landscape I have setup over 200 public workspaces for some of the more interesting APIs I have organized as part of my API research. Each listing has a name, screenshot, tags, and a link to a public workspace with OpenAPI and Postman collections for each API.

As with most of my work, this is all a work in progress, hence everything being a "workspace". This listing all runs as a GitHub repo. If you'd like to add an API to the listing, feel free to add a YAML entry to the workspaces data store via pull request, or leave a GitHub issue if you'd rather. If you have questions about one of the APIs or collections, feel free to comment within each inidividual API public workspace and I'll respond there. I'll keep adding workspaces as I set them up, or I come across API providers who have setup their own.